Cupcake Cake Truffles (cake pops without the sticks)

I’ve always wanted to make cake pops, but this is a much easier version of the adorable treat on a stick. I got this idea from Veronica’s Cornucopia:

Like Veronica says, these are nearly impossible to mess up.  They are really easy to make- the centers are simply crumbled cake mixed with frosting!

There were so many colors of melting chocolate to choose from, including orange, neon green, and purple.  I chose pink and a white with pastel chips for the frosting on the cake truffles.  I bought the chocolate and cheap ($1) candy molds for the bottoms of the cake truffles from Michael’s craft store.  I used devil’s food boxed cake mix and vanilla frosting.  I looked at a lot of recipes for cake balls and not many of them specify a flavor for the frosting, so I just went with vanilla.  I don’t think the flavor really matters because you use a relatively small amount of frosting- just enough to bind the balls together.  I don’t suggest using whipped frosting.

First I baked the cake as per the instructions on the box and let it cool, then I crumbled the cake using a food processor.

Add about 1/3 cup frosting and use your hands to mix in until you get one big ball.

It looks messy.. and it is.  Next I used  a small cookie dough scoop to portion out the dough and rolled the dough into balls.  I put the balls in the fridge for a couple hours and took a break here.  Then I melted the chocolate for the base and filled the molds about a third of the way and pressed the rolled balls into the filling.  This went in the freezer for 2 minutes, then they easily popped out of the molds and I dipped them in melted chocolate for the frosting.

Here’s what they look like on the inside:

The inside has the fluffy texture of cake but tastes like fudge.  Keep stored in the fridge until a half hour before serving.  These pop-able treats were a big hit at home and at the office.